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OCTOBER 04, 2016
Attract Brands and Sponsors with a Legendary Media Kit
Howdy !
My name is Frank Salas , I go by the name the "Talented Mr. Salas " . I am a social media influencer , serial entrepreneur , and digital nomad . I am on all social media platforms , I lead with my Live Streaming Platforms , as they are the fastest way to grow the KLT Factor ( Know , Like and Trust ) and grow my audience much more rapidly and organically than other platform .
I became a personal brand on social media in October 2015 and have been doing this for 11 months and 3 weeks .
I have 4 sponsors . I have the perfect concoction to attract sponsors , here's my ingredient list for the perfect media kit.
  • Names : Your Name , Your Blogs Name , Your Business Name(s) , YOUR TRIBE'S NAME ( sponsors love influencers with tribes )
  • Logo - Your professional logo , which is congruent with your branding , this lets brands know you are legit !
  • Your Bio - People invest in stories , brands invest in influencers with a story to tell . Everyone of us has a story to tell . Tell it already ! Sponsors are waiting ! With cash.
  • Contact Info - Website , Social Channels , Phone Number and for the love of all things holy and sacred ... HAVE A BRANDED E-MAIL !!! I can't tell you how many " so called influencers " won't invest $5 per month to upgrade from an account to their own domain email . You are cutting your own fees by this rookie move. Is social media a business or is it a hobby ? 
  • Bounce Rate - This is where you separate yourself from all the hobbyist and enthusiasts . If you are a legitimate business and sophisticated Entrepreneur dealing with another business entity you must disclose EVERYTHING . A bounce rate is how often your posts are flagged and removed , your average rate of unsubscribes per e-mail , your average number of "bad emails" per e-mail blast .
  • Testimonials - Depending on your goals , this is where you put your clients awesome success stories that make you look amazing ! You could also put in any of the organizations you have served by speaking to them .
  • Popular Content - What is your highest viewed Live Stream ? Most viral blog post ? Hottest YouTube Video ? This is your chance to shine for brands . For growth hacking tips to achieve amplification ( "going viral " ) you've GOTTA be in my inner circle , private Facebook group the Talent Tribe
  • Traffic - How many unique visitors do you have per month ? How many total visitors ? These are key to working with brands . Google gives you these answers for free by installing Google Analytics into your website .
  • Blog / Vlog / Live Stream / Social Channels description - Brands need to know who and what they are getting into . Tell brands you are the quirky girl next door who shows people how to leverage social media to build their business . Or , maybe you're the funny Asian lady who teaches cooking like my good friend and fellow influencer Jackie Maio@dininghappy
  • Instagram Worthy Photos - Got an epic selfie of you holding a giant pair of scissors for a ribbon cutting ? Shaking President Obama's hand ? Throw it on the Media Kit !
  • Corporate Proof - What brands have you worked with in the past ? How have you brought value to those companies ? In the end , money is exchanged for Value . You must be able to show a track record . Success breeds success. If this is your first sponsor you're acquiring , show them specific and actual plans for you to make them money .
  • Demographics - Who is in your tribe ? All tribe members follow their tribe leader . If the tribe leaders I follow tell me to buy something because it's good for my business -- I buy it . No questions . And yes mom , if all my friends in my tribe are jumping off a bridge , so am I . All the cool kids are doing it 
  • Social Reach - How many followers do you have ? What is your engagement rate ? Make sure to include overall stats and individual stats --you will seem more prepared and professional to brands . Perception is reality . Pro Tip: Leverage ALL of your followers . If you have 5000 friends on MySpace still , THROW IT ON THERE YOU SUPERSTAR 
  • Awards and Notable Mentions - This is not the time to be humble . If you won the 2nd Grade Black History Month " I have a dream " speech contest , well dag nabbit , you best throw that on there ! Success breeds success.
  • Ad Rates - The number one question I get from emerging Entrepreneurs is " How much do I charge brands and sponsors ? " EVERYTHING is negotiable in business . Here is where you show them your menu . How will you promote their business ? Will do you an unboxing and review ? A case study ? An experiment only using their products ? Which channels will you distribute their message ? Ad Rates are industry specific and beyond the scope of this blog post .
  • Sponsorship Opportunities - Sponsorships are long term engagements between your business and another . How do you want to support the other business ? What's on the table ? Get creative . I'm currently seeking yoga sponsors to sponsor my "yoga time " on SnapChat . Everyday , no matter where I am in the world , I do yoga and showcase it on my social channels . It's part of my " thing " . People say , " That boy Frank Salas is a yoga machine ! " I am known for my post yoga live streams with gorgeous skylines around the world !
There it is . This is the exact formula I've used to gain one long term sponsor per quarter in my career as a social media influencer .
If you would like to become an influencer , I serve those with Talent and Transform them into Thought Leaders in my inner circle , private Facebook group " Talent Tribe " Click here to join ⭐️I serve my tribe with complimentary trainings , exclusive interviews with my fellow influencers and legendary workshops 💯ACTION TAKERS ONLY 💯 
Shine Bright , for you are a Super Star 

More Followers, More Eyeballs
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