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OCTOBER 04, 2016
Step by Step Guide : Build Your Online Empire thru Legendary Joint Ventures
Howdy from the Talented One! My name is Frank Salas, I go by the name “The Talented Mr. Salas “ on social media . I am a Serial Entrepreneur and digital nomad. I run multiple business from my laptops, smart phones, and wifi !

Joint Ventures, or “JVs” as they are known in the business world are amazing. JV’s are also a screening tool. If I meet someone who claims to be an influencer on social media , the first thing I ask if they are open to JV’s … 99% of them have no idea what that is. If you’re just getting started —this is a new business term you must be familiar with. If you’ve been in the game, you’re straight up slacking and missing out on extra revenue for your job. All sophisticated entrepreneurs understand the value of joint venturing with other businesses.

Before we go in on how to build your empire through JV’s , let me break down joint ventures. In the business world , when you start a new business its known as an “endeavor” or “venture” . When you partner up with another business for a set defined term, with a set defined goal — that is a “Joint Venture” — you and another business entity link up , lock shields and come the marketplace ready to slay.

JV’s Require much planning … and to quote the A-Team… “ I LOVE IT WHEN IT PLAN COMES TOGETHER!” I’ve generated millions of dollars in revenue through joint ventures in the game as an Entrepreneur . The more JV’s you establish, the potential for more revenue you can earn for your business. PRO TIP: JV’s can be a time suck, you can lose money, and get a bad reputation for the non performance of your JV Business Partner. Carefully select your business partners, and always have a contract !

Note: Before I go into the step by step instructions, I’d like to make one thing clear. This is the type of value that requires you to take action. If you are someone who watches thousands of hours of YouTube videos and reads thousands of words on blogs — this blog is not intended for you . This treasure map to success is meant for those action takers, and the marketplace will reward you handsomely. For all you action takers , get this slam dunk in and make sure you count me in for the assist!

Legendary JV Blue Print

    I. Find someone who compliments your business AND make sure that you compliment their business. JV’s are all about win / win / win situations. The customer ALWAYS come first in any business , the win for the customer is that they receive massive value from a Thought Leader (read: You…awww shucks you got me blushing too!) The win for the Tribe Leader (your JV Partner) is that they get to play Oprah , host the show, and let you do all the work as you “sing for your supper” as we say back home in The Great State of Texas ! The win for you is that you get to get your brand infront of a new audience and leverage the Tribe Leader’s KLT factor (Know, Like, and Trust Factor) for your benefit. I’m going to say that again, in a different way, to really drive that point home : The Tribe loves the Tribe leader (or else they wouldn’t follow them!) and you can “borrow” that love to INSTANTLY gain credibility . It’s like when you meet a girl at a bar not knowing her versus being introduced to her through her friends… YOU’RE IN THERE! PRO TIP: If you sell webinars , its not the best idea to go a Tribe Leader who also sells webinar, that’s not a win for the Tribe Leader and quite honestly, blatant disrespected combined with poor business ettique . For more information of business ettique , you’ve got to follow my personal Business Ettique Coach Mike K… @coffeewithMike

    II. Come to the Tribe Leader with a complimentary offer , SERVE them, and make their followers scream “I want that!” For example. I am a Social Media Consultant , I do a complimentary (I hate the word free , nothing is free… I own your attention right now in this blog post… muaahahahaha ) social media audit for the tribe leader, which I do on a private webinar or live stream for their tribe to observe. This establishes me as an expert because if their Tribe Leader is taking advice from me then I must be doing SOMETHING right! This also gives the Tribe Leader the “ night off “ and allows them to sit back, relax, and be served. Another benefit is the Tribe gets all of your expert knowledge in small doses and if they so want to take the next steps of working with you — they will! I’m a pretty knowledgable bro but dangit, I don’t know everything. I WISH somebody would come and serve me , give me the night off and help me serve my tribe. Win/Win/Win only . Everyone HAS to win . Pro-Tip: Go very, very, very specific on the value to the Tribe Leader and treat them as if they have paid you $1 Million US American Dollars to serve them . The reason for this is that it will demonstrate your expertise beyond a shadow of a doubt and really make people YELL AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS “ I want that !!!” When you do it right, you will have people in your inbox breaking your door down asking you for business. #SlideInThoseDMs

    III. Play the Long Game - Okay, here is where the fake get off the bus , and the real go behind it and start pushing it up hill. This is next level stuff that requires NO money from your end to build your brand but ALL the effort in the world. If you truly want to be in this business long term, DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! If social media is a hobby for you , you should have stopped reading this blog post after the second sentence. For all my action takers still here , here’s the game : Do a DIAMOND PACKED podcast first with the Tribe Leader. I don’t do Golden Nuggets , I let my colleagues drop those. I drop DIAMONDS. Set yourself apart from EVERY other guest on the Tribe Leaders show, come CORRECT! This is your chance to shine, you’ve got to treat every interview like it’s your first. Because IT IS. Somebody in the Tribe Leader’s audience has never heard of you and your awesomeness. I don’t care if you have 1 Million followers. Guess what ? There’s 8 billion people in the planet. Get over yourself. Now that we’ve got the Tribe Leader’s best podcast ever , then you offer to a complimentary workshop , with no offer. That’s right. You heard me correctly. Serve their Tribe again. This will get more people over on to your tribe who may have been on the fence from following you from the initial podcast . It will built your KLT factor with the tribe even more which leads up to our Grand Finale….

    IV. Do a Webinar - So here where are, Game Day. Are you ready ? You’re in the tunnel , the crowd is screaming your name. They want what you got … so you’ve got to give it to them! The Tribe Leader at this point loves you and is telling all of their influencers friends about the awesome work that you do , the level of swag you bring to the table , and your true passion for your craft. You heard me right, influencers , with influence on other influencers, are talking about you. This is why the previous step was so crucial . The rest of the people will settle for the low hanging fruit , and they will be average for the rest of their lives. I’m talking to the One Percenters. The kids that show up on Game Day and every other day . You’re here. You deserve it. You’re going to cash in bigger. You’ve built a bigger following. You’ve got Influencers in line begging to JV with you. This is what success looks like. If you don’t have these results — your game is not tight enough . You need to skill up . Now , people do entire courses on webinars and putting on a successful webinar is beyond to the scope of this blog post . At the very least, go to YouTube University , get some game, and learn on the battlefield.

    ▪ As always, I’m going to leave you with some diamonds on the way out . Here’s some pro-tips, courtesy of The Talented One.
    ⁃ Have Contracts - You want to protect your Tribe, Yourself and your JV Partner.
    ⁃ Get references from previous JV Partners
    ⁃ The partner who is hosting and has the Tribe should always accept payments. You don’t want a newbie taking all your cash and going on vacation. If you wanted to keep your tribe intact you would have to refund all of your tribe members personally.
    ⁃ Make sure you share access to all sales , it would be even better if you have a joint account that you both had access to for transparency.
    ⁃ JV Partners can grow your business exponentially and are an extremely viable growth strategy . Treat your Partners as if they were paying you a million dollars —the right ones can !

If you found value in this article, kindly share to your friends , business partners and if you have a tribe — it is your DUTY to share value to them ! Want more Growth Hacks to Build your Online Empire and live the “Laptop Lifestyle” ? Join my inner circle, the Talent Tribe at or search for the private Facebook Group “ Talent Tribe ” for access to exclusive trainings , fire webinars , and daily DIAMONDS from all of the experts in the Talent Tribe.

Action Takers Only.

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